Why buy your spa on credit

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and well-being thanks to the benefits of hydrotherapy, treat muscle or joint pain ... it's decided, you are going to invest in a spa!

This investment, which can be substantial depending on the type of spa desired, is not always easily payable in cash. And even when possible, many clients prefer to consider financing to preserve their savings or control their monthly budget.

In this case, financing your spa remains the best solution. We explain why buying a jacuzi tub on credit can be a good thing.

Consumer credit:

If the price of your spa (or the amount you want to finance) is less than $ 6,000, revolving credit, or “revolving”, may appear to be a good solution, especially if you are planning a short-term repayment. . Its terms of obtaining are indeed relatively flexible, this type of loan can be contracted easily. Be careful, however, that interest rates are generally very high.

The classic personal loan allocated to the purchase of a spa:

This type of loan allows you to borrow, at a fixed rate, up to $ 75,000. Loans less than $ 3,000 must be repaid within 3 years. Up to 5 years for others. It is handled without an intermediary, directly between the individual and the credit company. The administrative procedures to obtain financing are therefore left to the sole charge of the customer and there are often administrative fees. Generally the interest rates are attractive for small amounts and rather short durations (12-24 months) but it is essential to study this rate well according to the amount you need and the duration of the desired contract because the rates can fly away very quickly.

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