Swimming Spa: Perfect Compromise Between Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

Couldn't you choose between a spa and a swimming pool? Do not panic, from now on the swim spa does exist! Indeed, it is the ideal reconciliation between wellness jacuzzi spa and a swimming pool, so the swimspa combines both relaxation and exercise What are its advantages? The swim spa is a mixed material, a combination of a classic spa and a small pool. It is one of the most popular with athletes but also with relaxation enthusiasts because, on the one hand, they can combine exercises and relaxation. Indeed, no one is left behind because everyone can benefit from its advantages such as swimming, aqua gym and hydrotherapy. In addition, the fact that the swim spa allows swimming and provides massage, it is also the tool of choice for rehabilitation. What are the main models? The swim spa has the particularity of being large, it can reach 6 to 7 m for an average width of 2.5 m and a depth of about 1.50 m, this is done so that each user can swim easily or simply relax and unwind in a large space. For model types, there is the single swim spa and the two-zone swim jacuzzi. For the single swim spa, the water in the balneotherapy area and that in the swimming area are heated to the same temperature, while each type of use requires a different temperature (24 to 28 ° C for swimming and water aerobics, and 34 to 38 ° C for the spa), therefore, adjustments must be made between the different uses. Regarding the second model, no modification is to be made. You can enjoy swimming, aqua aerobics as well as the spa without having to regulate the temperature of each zone. It should be noted that, each type of swim spa has a counter-current swimming system, which allows you to swim in place thanks to powerful pumps and nozzles integrated on the device.

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